Residential Services

The Adult Residential Program offers a variety of unique, personally-decorated community homes and living spaces. Our year-round program provides 24-hour awake staff coverage, where individuals are supported in making personal choices and informed decisions regarding all aspects of their lives. We strongly believe in nurturing personal relationships, and encourage the active involvement of all family members and friends.

Man looking out to the shorelineThe goals identified in therapeutic evaluations are often carried over into the residential program, to ensure that therapeutic principles are embedded into daily routines and to promote consistency across settings. Focus is placed on the improvement of functional living skills, the completion of daily routines, the attainment of individualized goals, the promotion of health and well-being, the exploration of personal talents, hobbies and interests, and fully accessing the surrounding local community.

Support is provided as necessary to achieve success with personal goals and domestic tasks, as well as with community experiences. Community access is an important component in the Adult Residential Program and individuals are encouraged to not only complete standard errands such as grocery shopping or going to the post office, but are also supported in exploring their personal interests, which might include going fishing, taking an art class, dining at a favorite restaurant, or attending a church service, theatrical performance or sports game.

For more information about our Adult Program, please contact Novene Powell at 774-855-3347 or