Therapeutic Services

Every individual in the Adult Program at Crystal Springs has a formal 5-Year Evaluation and Service Needs Assessment, completed by Licensed Therapists. When need areas are identified and recommendations are made, goals are developed and a formal plan is put in place. The evaluating therapist will properly train the staff members responsible for carrying out these goals and progress will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy Services may include, but is not limited to, standing, cardiovascular wellness, exercise physiology, range of motion, splinting, seating, ambulation, transfers and wheelchair mobility.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services may include, but is not limited to, seating positioning, splinting, adaptive equipment, self feeding skills, daily living skills, sensory integration, vocational skills training, assistive technology skills, socialization, memory skills, range of motion, independent living skills and the exploration of leisure activities.

Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Services may include, but is not limited to, promoting independence through assistive technology, such as output communication devices, computer programs and iPad adaptability, community safety skills, affective development, social development, sensory integration, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, ASL, attention/memory expansion, cause and effect skills, socialization, exploring leisure activities, promoting group participation, and evaluating individual needs for diet consistency.

For more information about our Adult Program, please contact Novene Powell at 774-855-3347 or