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Available Positions

  • Prepare resident meals according to instructions/order
  • Assist in stocking food storage areas and refrigerators
  • Deliver food, nourishments and supplies as assigned
  • Wash pots and pans
  • Remove trash, and wash floors daily
  • Cleans and sanitizes the kitchen work area and equipment
  • Perform routine preventative and emergency maintenance
  • Assess safety concerns
  • Prioritize assigned maintenance work orders
  • Respond to emergency and after hour calls
  • Pick up and/or transport supplies and equipment
  • Travel between Agency locations
  • Dust, wash, and polish
  • Clean and disinfect all bathrooms
  • Vacuum, dry mop, wash floors
  • Sweep outside carpet & vacuum
  • Deliver paper supplies
  • Collect laundry and deliver clean linens
  • Remove trash
  • Collect laundry clothing and bedding
  • Sort soiled clothing and bedding
  • Pre-treat, wash, and dry all clothing and bedding
  • Fold and sort laundry
  • Deliver clean clothing and bedding
  • Mend torn clothing and bedding
  • Care for and maintain dryers and lint traps
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