Therapeutic Services

With input from family, physicians and the Crystal Springs team, our licensed and/or certified therapists and therapy assistants provide each student with services in accordance with the specific needs outlined in the therapeutic evaluation, Individualized Education Plan and best practices. Our therapists work collaboratively with classroom and residential staff to ensure that therapy principals are embedded into daily routines across settings.

Low Vision/Orientation & Mobility

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All newly admitted students receive a Functional Vision Check, while all students with visual impairments receive a Functional Vision Assessment and Orientation & Mobility Evaluation. If direct services are recommended, strategies may include use of sighted guide, long cane, trailing and protective technique training. Academic materials are adapted for visually impaired students and visual/mobility strategies are employed across settings.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is offered in small group settings, which are typically incorporated into classrooms and often involve co-treatments from other therapeutic disciplines. Focus is placed on communication skill development, social skill development and group attention skills. Sessions include encouraging musical choices, songs and activities as well as instrument exploration and musical games.

Physical Therapy

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Our Physical Therapy department offers direct services individually and/or in small groups in a variety of on-campus settings. On-going staff training on PT related programs and equipment is offered on an as needed basis. This department provides assessment for, and monitoring of, adaptive/assistive equipment (wheelchairs, standers, gait trainers, positioning equipment, orthotics) and follows through with Orthopedic and Physiatry recommendations. Focus is placed on helping each student reach his/her full potential with movement based skills across settings.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is provided in individual treatment sessions, small group settings and on a consultative basis. Evaluations are performed and goals are developed in areas related to fine-motor and visual-motor skills, upper extremity function, sensory integration, self-feeding and self-care. This department assesses the need for and acquires the equipment necessary for extremity bracing, adaptive feeding, adaptive seating, and sensory equipment. Focus is placed on increasing independence during all activities of daily living, across settings.

Speech Therapy

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With a foundation in a total communication approach, our speech therapy department works hard to foster our students’ development of expressive, receptive, and pragmatic language skills. Direct and consultative therapy services are embedded into our classrooms and residences to encourage functional progress that is generalized to everyday interactions. Each student’s potential to benefit from the use of assistive technology and/or AAC devices is thoroughly explored. With help from our assistive technology coordinator, appropriate devices are acquired, programmed, and maintained. In addition, the speech therapy team is actively involved in issues related to management of swallowing safety concerns, hearing loss, and ear health.

For more information about our Children’s Program, please contact us at our main number: (508) 644-3101.