Employee Sign-On Bonus Award Program

A sign-on bonus will serve as a recruitment incentive in the employment of individuals in hard-to-fill positions. At this time, the hard-to-fill positions are as follows: residential counselors, residential supporters, community supporters, residential supervisor II, residential manager, day hab staff, support services and nursing.

The award will be granted once the new hire has successfully completed the 3 month entry level period as a full or part time employee in good standing. The bonus will be given through a regularly scheduled payroll and will be $150 for a 40-hour week employee. The bonus will be prorated for anyone employed for less than 40 hours a week. Once the referred employee has successfully completed one year of service with Crystal Springs in a full or part time position and is in good standing with the Company, the employee will receive another $150 reward if employed for 40 hours per week, part time employees will be pro-rated, through a regularly scheduled payroll.

An employee is not eligible for the sign-on bonus if the employee’s performance rating at any time is not at or above “good” or “meets expectations” or the employee has documented disciplinary actions for misconduct or performance; or the employee with less than 12 months of consecutive service changes from a full or part time employee to on-call status; or the employee is not still employed at the 3-month or yearly mark.

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Sign-On Bonus Award Program

Paper applications are available Monday-Friday from 9:00am – 3:00pm in Human Resources, 38 Narrows Road, Assonet, MA
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